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Of Recent Interest:

Bar Association of Chicago

The Bar Association of Chicago is one of the country’s largest lawyers’ groups in the United States. It has served both attorneys and their prospective clients since its formal incorporation in 1874.

How to Sue for Wrongful Death

Wrongful death is a civil rather than a criminal concept. The person(s) “damaged” is not the deceased, but rather the survivors who may be entitled to monetary compensation for their loss.

How to Sue a Caterer

If your catered event is a disaster and it’s the caterer’s fault, then yes, you can sue the caterer. There are specific things that you should watch out for and document in order to improve your chances of prevailing in court.

How to Sue a Company

The procedure to sue a company is much the same as suing an individual. But beware: corporations usually have excellent lawyers at their disposal, and will often fight hard even against small lawsuits so as not to be seen as “easy targets.”

Should you Sue McDonalds?

Sure, you can sue McDonald’s. Hundreds have, including the infamous “coffee spill case.” Experience shows however that Ronald doesn’t roll over easily. Expect a fight!