How to Sue WalMart

Wal-Mart is a huge corporation that everybody loves to hate. Because its stores are everywhere; it is known to have very “deep pockets”; and its corporate practices are felt to be unfair by many, from employees to shoppers to competitors to suppliers, it is often the target of lawsuits.

There is even such a thing as a “Wal-Mart Litigation Project” to track and coordinate the countless lawsuits that have been filed against the retail behemoth. Experts estimate that the company is sued several times every business day!

If you feel that you have been damaged by Walmart and have a case against them, you too can of course sue. The mechanics of a lawsuit against Walmart: gather evidence, hire a lawyer, negotiate, file suit, go to trial if necessary, are the same as a suit against the local mom-and-pop store. In practical terms, however, the process is often very different.

Because the corporation has been sued literally thousands of times, it has acquired formidable legal resources in the form of a huge team of attorneys, both in-house and in law firms. In other words, the company is ready, willing, and very able to defend itself inside and outside the courtroom!

Also, unlike many defendants who, when they know they are in the wrong, are eager to settle out of court rather than to incur the expense and risks of a jury trial, Walmart avoids out-of-court settlements wherever possible. There are several reasons for this.

The primary reason for this is that Walmart knows that it is thought of by many as having deep pockets just waiting to be picked. It knows that many plaintiffs believe that Walmart considers amounts of a few thousand or even tens of thousands of dollars “small” and not worth fighting over. If it actually behaved in this way, and it became known that Walmart was eager to settle, the company would be flooded with even more plaintiffs hoping to make a quick buck. So it’s in Walmart’s interest to be known as a tough defendant, even though the amounts involved may seem insignificant to an enormous corporation.

Because, as mentioned above, Walmart has considerable legal muscle at its disposal, it is willing to use it. A small business might “cry uncle” if subjected to extensive legal maneuvering and want to get rid of the nuisance. But not Walmart. You can’t “outlast” them in a lawsuit. They will use up your time and money before they use up theirs (unless your last name happens to be Buffett or Gates).

In fact, because Walmart is hated by so many and is such a popular target of lawsuits, many juries are unwilling to award large judgments to those suing the company because they think the company is unfairly attacked by “golddiggers.”

Because lawyers know that a lawsuit against Walmart is going to be an uphill battle, many are reluctant to take on cases against them.

The bottom line: you can sue Walmart, and if you have been genuinely wronged by them, perhaps you should. They are not above the law! But don’t think of them as a cash cow that’s easy to milk. If you choose to go after them, you, and your attorney, will probably have quite a legal battle on your hands. So make sure you have a good case. And a good lawyer!

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  1. walmart accused me of shoplifting even though i had a receipt. I was arrested, thrown in jail, released, didint realize i had a court date a couple months later, a warrant was issued for my arrest, thrown back in jail. Well, when i see my public defender he strongly urges me to take a pretrial diversion program or i could face real jail time. SO i did. But what can i do? I was falsely arrested it and it escalated since then. I was arrested on 2-5 11. Can i still sue even though i took a plea deal? And if i do sue would it just be walmart, or should i include the police department or what?

    • We strongly advise you to consult an attorney. We can’t give legal advice nor directly recommend a lawyer. But you can contact your local bar association, and they will refer you to an appropriate one. Best of luck!

    • So if you had your receipt why did they take you to jail? I am not understanding the situation. how long were you in jail for? did you pay a bond?

    • I was curious if you ever did speak with an attorney. I presently had something similar happen to me. I was accused of shoplifting my an undercover loss prevention employee. He confrunted me in the parking lot but refused to show me his employee badge and demanded that I give me my purse.I offered to go back in the store and strighten things out he refused so told him he could take down my licence plate number and I walked to my car as quickly as I could and locked the doors and drove off. I later had the police show up at my door to arrest me stated that I was caught shoplifting and and physical fought the guy off and ran. The Walmart loss prevention guy lied to the cops and actuly said he grabbed me by the waist and I fought him off! I was charged with 2 misdameners and spent the night in jail. Needless to say I was not prossacuted due to there not being enuff information/ ( baisicly there no evidence or a single witness to back up his story). My major problem is now I have a an arrest record regardless of the face that the charges were dropedm my arrest is now public record! I’m looking into hiring an attory but i know its not exactly going to be affordable

  2. Hello,
    I have worked for Wal-Mart on Beaumont, CA for over a year and a half; stocking and cashiering at night. I was injured on the job on
    6-14-10 and a report was filed. Since then I have been seeing Doctors and fighting Workman’s Comp, although since thier first denial, they have since payed my milage, etc. I am presently on State Disability and that income ends soon. Being 63 years old, it seems that since my injury to my neck and back…….not to mention the carpal tunnel in my hands…….my bad
    knee which has gotten unbearable because of walking funny due to my back.pain… injuries have led my to be disabled pending surgeries.
    When it happened,I had a stock of batteries to put out on the floor which was situated in boxes, on a rocket cart. The rocket cart
    was piled high with boxes. While bending down to get a box from the lower shelf, a heavy box fell on my neck and back. The rocket cart doesn’t have brakes on the wheel and I feel that if they had, that the cart wouldn’t have moved causing the box to fall. Can I sue Wal-Mart for this? And if I can, can you suggest a lawyer for me.
    [name redacted by editor]

    • By all means, consult an attorney. We can’t give legal advice nor directly recommend a lawyer. But you can contact your local bar association, and they will refer you to an appropriate one.

  3. My husband bought a gun from Wal*Mart , passed the background check and everything. He went to shoot it out at the shooting range and the police showed up bc he was shooting on private grounds we tried to leave but they ran his background and said that he had a felony when he was 15 years old. So they arrested him bc your not suppose to have a gun if you have/had a felony. But Wal*Mart sold us the gun is it Wal*Mart’s fault ?

    • Of course Wal-Mart is responsible. Your husband should never have owned the gun if he had a felony when he was younger. So the way it seems, either Wal-Mart has made a seriously illegal mistake, or your local police department did. either way you get to sue.

  4. my boyfriend worked for walmart in upstate ny for 11 years. and on july 1 2011 the fired him for not following procedures in the back room. but when he was fired they told him that it was for not breaking down a pallet. then when he talked to the store manager he told him it was for not checking the pallet in. then the manager said he would look at the tape and see if he checked it in. he called back days later and said he checked and he did check them in. but he was still terminatted because he did not open a box to make sure the right product was in it. now he has been trying to call district and they are not calling back what should we do.

    • What can I do if the walmart auto service damaged my vehicle and since I was half as sleep cause I took my car early morning for an oil change and when I came back to pick it up they had told me that my sensor from inside the tire to tell the air pressure was broken and the tire went flat. They told me that they didn’t have the part to replace it and they asked me what do u want us to do. Well if you think about i didn’t have a choice so they said they will fix for $2.50 but they had to tale the sensor off which is $135 plus tax and labor service and i had to go to the dealership. They told me it was going to cost me $10 dollars to replace it and when i got it to come back and they will do the free labor. They lied to me i wasted gas money to go to different locations to c if I could order it but they all told me the same answer go to the dealership and walmart manager for auto said it’s cheap to fix it. What can I do?

    • I was an associate at wall mart.. in the electronics area.. i am an engineer who has MS.. I was very sick and had to go on disability… but now i feel a bit better so i got a job at Wall mart o show i have the stamina for a job.I was attacked twice by two different managers over two days… I need to get to the videos… and then I have all my proof… they have denied me unemployment insurance because i have no proof.. they claim the videos were automatically deleted after 30 days…. I need help to prove the videos are still there and to get the videos… if anyone can help me… it would goalong way to my peace of mind

    • i moved to electronics at walmart. they just fired a guy who they wouldn’t give him a transfer the supervisor .after that they hire a person who knows nothing about electronics .i get moved there and im a threat to the department cause i know everything about the department and now one else does so they try there hardest to right me up and get ride o,so f me cause the other associate don’t do there job so the weeded out the garden and blamed everything on me .in sueing for wrongful determination

  5. My boyfriend and I bought ground beef from our local Wal-Mart. I did not eat the meat but my boyfriend did and got very sick. He went to the doctor and was diagnosed with food poisoning. I took the remains of the ground beef along with my receipt to Wal-Mart and filed a claim. They took a sample of the meat and told me that it would be sent to a lab and I would hear back from them in a couple of weeks. This happened the end of May. After trying and trying to get answers from Wal-Mart and the corporate office, on August 11,2011 I called Wal-Mart and a manager looked through my file and stated that there was not a notation as to where the meat was sent, if it was even sent out at all. After finding out this information, I then contacted Tyson Foods and Corporate(these are the ones that I have been trying to get answers from over the months), Tyson said they never received the sample and Corporate said Wal-Mart has no idea where the meat was and they were not suppose to take the sample and send it out themseleves. I feel that Wal-Mart showed negligence when they took a sample of our meat and never sent it out to a lab. We have been lied to and treated with no sencerity or true concern. We want to now seek other options to be heard in this claim.

    • Hi Arnetta,
      We’ve never got food poisoning….ive got a pretty good sniffer…but we have bought over seven packages of spoiled meat from our crappy Wal mart and had I not smelled it…we would have been deathly ill. I complained and complained…each time….but the manager, who is a flaming cocky hag, refused to address the problem. The last time this happened, I took photos of the meat’s packaging and turned it into my local health department…which did an inspection and an investigation….I didn’t tell Walmart I was going to do it….I just did it….and they got in trouble….but trust me when I say…they took your meat and threw it away and they didn’t give two flying craps your BF got sick. THEY DON’T CARE. I always sniff before I cook….if it even smells a little off….I do not cook it….but even better….if you live yourself and your BF….do NOT buy your meat there. Pay a little more and go to a good supermarket. You can die or be permanently damaged from food poisoning. I hate Walmart. I’ll never ever ever buy meat or produce from them ever.

  6. I was injured at a local walmart. I slipped on some “substance” on the floor, i was advised by
    the store manager to go to the hospital and their “walmarts” insurance would take care of every
    thing. well i went to the hospital had an xray done of my leg,ankle, etc..only to be told 2 months
    later that they would not obsorb the cost now I’m looking at some $1400.00 in medical bills. I
    dont know if an attorney would even consider my case due to the small amount of bills but I dont
    want that on my credit. the examiner told me “the company didnt have time to get up the spill”.
    I’m up for a fight if thats what it takes cause fair is fair….i would love to take one of their CEO’s
    on a court tv show just show walmart up for what it really is

    • Apparently you don’t understand how “court televisions shows” work. It is binding arbitration that is agreed on by both parties before hand. Walmart would never agree to such a thing.

    • I was falsely accused of shoplifting in walmart even though I had not even tried to exit the store. When I refused to follow an employee to a back room, he assaulted me. I know people are afraid to sue wal-mart, but we need to ban together. This is an evil corporation! I am willing to fight.

      • i agree walmart is evil. i worked for walmart and unfortunatley i didnt have a good 2012, i stole some money and thats not really me, i was letting someone walk all over me and i did it out of desperation, but once they got me, i begged to pay it back that i was stupid for it and i didnt mean no harm, that they said oh it doesnt work like that. anyone can settle out of court, but apparently walmart doesnt. all i needed was that rude awakening, not to get my future at every job out there sucked down the corporate drain of walmart. i was a soldier and i was about to reenlist. now i have no money about to be homeless for a foolish act that walmart refuses to settle out of court.

  7. To try and make a long story short here, i am a 32 year old male, Type 1 Diabetic. Ive been buying my “over the counter” insulin from the local Walmart pharmacies for quite a while now since i found out its cheaper there (sometimes less than half the price) of all the other local pharmacies, and being laid off work, with no health insurance, its really been my only option as of late. Well, the other day i ran out of my insulin, so naturally i knew i had to get up to Walmart at some point that day (before 6PM because thats when the pharmacy closes on sundays) and get a new vial of insulin. I got to the store around 5:45 and when i walked up to the pharmacy, the shudders were all pulled down, and a pharmacy employee was just standing there. I asked him thru the shudders to please sell me my insulin because this was literally a “life or death” type situation. He replied “sorry, we’re closed”. So i asked him why he closed early, and that i was there before closing time so why couldn’t he just give me the vial of insulin, and he could even just let me go pay for it up front like they’ve done in the past when I’ve had more shopping to do, and i would always just pay for it with my other items, seeing as it wasn’t even a prescription grade insulin. Well, he then proceeded to ignore me and just turn all the lights off, i guess thinking i couldn’t see him then (which i could, plain as day) and would just leave him alone. It was obvious that he closed down early, and was just standing back there in the dark waiting for the clock to hit 6 so he could bounce out. Well then i seen him going out the back door so i walked around and approached him and commenced to beg and plead with him, telling him that it was important that i get my insulin or i would end up in the emergency room, or worse. He acted as if he couldn’t care less, and said “go tell the store manager, because I’m off” and just turned and walked away. I said “ok, i will” and started walking to the front, right behind him, and when he seen me, he literally started sprinting up the isle, and bolted out the front door! I really couldn’t believe it when i seen it. Honestly, thats about as unprofessional as it gets. Well, long story short, i got to a manager who apologized profusely, and of course was unable to do anything for me, and just said she’d be having a long talk with the pharmacy manager in the morning. Well, that evening the problems began when i slowly became sicker, and sicker and by morning Diabetic Ketoacidosis started setting in and i was vomiting profusely, and barely able to walk, let alone remain coherent. By the time my fiancé could leave work and bring me my insulin i was already convulsing, puking violently, and going into shock. Much longer and i would have went into a coma or worse. Well, I’ve barely been able to get out of bed the past few days since, and i can’t manage to get my sugar levels under control, as we think some serious damage has been done to my body from this whole incident. I filed an email complaint to the store and received a call from the pharmacy manager a few hours ago telling me she has been instructed by the District manager to contact me and have me come in and they will give me whatever i ask (some free insulin) to make me happy. Management is completely agreeing with me and saying the employee is very much in the wrong for what they did. As of right now my family is getting ready to take me to the ER to get checked out and tested for what all damage my body has suffered from this and i guess all i can do is hope theres no irreversible long term complications and just play it by ear, and see what happens. Ive been diagnosed a Type 1 Diabetic for about 6 years or so now, and I’ve never been this sick or felt this bad or honestly felt this horrible in my entire life. Im honestly really scared right now, and hope that this persons carelessness doesn’t cause me even more health problems than I’ve already had. I honestly can’t believe that a company would have an employee working in their pharmacy that doesn’t even understand the importance of insulin treatment to a diabetic…thats just scary. This whole situation could have just been so easily avoidable had this individual just did his job like he is expected to…Its just beyond me how anybody could be so cold-hearted towards another person..its sad really.

    • i too am a type one diabetic. how long were you without your insulin? cuz i find it hard to beleve you were convulsing that quickly. i’ve had the disease for over a year before aactual diagnosis and never convulsed.

    • If your story is true, which I find hard to believe, this seems to be your fault, not Walmart. You shouldn’t have allowed your supply to run out nor should you have waited so late to attempt to purchase more. What if they had been out?

    • Yes perhaps if you maintained your life saving meds with more care and concern you would not find yourself in such situations walmart is a retail store not a Clinic or ER! Your lack of timing does not warrant an emergency on the walmart associates part… he did his job and if it takes closing 15 minutes before the close time so that he is not there till 6:30 than he did nothing wrong

  8. I have so many friends who currently or previously work/worked at Walmart/Sams Club. We need help. This company feels it is too big to be corrected and it gets worse every day. OSHA won’t even step in and correct their practices. Since when is it safe for a hiss to come from gas tanks…no the pumps but from the tanks. This means there is a leak somewhere; yet OSHA tells my friend that it’s typical and nothing to worry about. We need help.

  9. Walmart is selling a pay as you go cellphone that promises 3g, to 4g speeds for internet, however the company T-mobile does not yet have data coverage for my area. I consider that false advertising on Walmart’s part.
    To bring a mobile company to a place, and advertise its great service in an area where the mobile company does not fully service at all.
    I need advice on this as well, suing Walmart.

    • I was the loss prevention manager at walmart for almost 3 years, part of my job was to gather evidence to prove that it was not Wal-Marts fault when a person fell/was injured or any other type of loss that an employee or customer would bring to the store. I can say that most definitely you will not get anywhere trying to claim false advertising, there is ALWAYS small print that states that coverage may not be available in all area’s in fact they almost always have a map of the coverage area’s. Even if this were false advertising it would fall into the hands of T-Mobile, Walmart would claim they are going off of what information was provided by the manufacturer.

  10. My husband worked for wal-mart for aboutfifteen and half years. My husband was on the transplant list for a liver, but he was still able to work without any problems he did his job just like everyone else did. Until one day a man came into wal-mat and stole a television and my husband was working in the garden center on that day, and the man came through garden center with the tv and my husband step out and ask the man can i help you the man never replyed he just kept on walking and struck my husband down with the television and pushed my husband down on the conceret floor .And the tramua is what cost his organs to shut down.He past away on Father’s Day and that was the wosrt day of my daughters and my life.Now we are trying to make ends meet without him our lives has really changed for the worst my job dont pay much we had bills to pay and I dont have anyone to help me with this I have juggle my check to keep a roof over our heads and pay bills too.I need help in Fort Worth ,Texas PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • You should definitley seek legal action. your husband was an employee and should have had coverage. if the company doesn’t reward you some kind of monetary help, you should definitley sue them.

      • they have “dead peasant” insurance on associates. If you don’t know what that is I suggest you GOOGLE it. WM got a big fat payout when your husband died while being employed at WM.

  11. My mother is 78 years old and tripped over one of Walmart’s pallets that are set up front by the registers with sales items on them. She was knocked out for about a minute or 2 and taken in an ambulance to the E.R. Luckily nothing was broken but her glasses were damaged in the fall, she couldn’t sleep in a bed for a week because it hurt her neck and back and her face was so bruised that she was too embarrassed to go out in public. She was prescribed pain medicine from the E.R. and her doctor because she hurt so bad. Now Walmart’s Insurance company got a hold of her today and are telling her they are not paying her bills or her glasses from this. She is 78 and barely can make ends meet and they won’t pay the medical bills or for new glasses for her? I mean really!!! She didn’t even want to sue them, just have them pay for what THEY caused her to incur in bills. I even have a friend that works there and she told me that the managers there said it was their fault for having the pallet there in the first place. What should my mother do? Please help.

  12. My name is Danny Ness. I am seeking help with a legal matter that took place in Belvidere, IL. My brother in law, Abel Rivera, was wrongly arrested last May. Walmart accused him of shoplifting approximately 40-50 digital cameras. The arrest did not come at the time of the crime, but several days or weeks later. The crime in question was performed by a hispanic man who was shopping with his daughter in the Belvidere Walmart, but they were not caught or arrested at the time. Several days later my brother in law Abel, who was shopping in Walmart with his wife and five children, was pointed out by an electronics department employee to be the man who committed the crime. When they left the store, after purchasing groceries, they wrote down his license number and contacted the Boone County Sherriff’s Department. He was then arrested at night in his home in front of his family and neighbors. The case lasted in court from May, 2011 until February, 2012, long past the rights granted by the sixth amendment. I also believe that in this case he was maliciously prosecuted because of the fact we had a states attorney telling us that they were sure it was not him, but still would not drop the case. In February, finally, all charges were dismissed. Thanks to the freedom of information act, I have obtained all surveillance footage Walmart had in the case. The footage shows the man in question, clearly not my brother in law along with his daughter (not one of my nieces) at the time he stole the merchandise. They also have footage of Abel Rivera and his family shopping at another time which I believe they were using to compare the two separate men in the video. He was wrongfully arrested, wrongfully and melodiously prosecuted, and the Boone County Sherriff’s Department also played a roll of intentionally inflicting emotional distress (which he has seeked therapy for). Any information you can provide us with, or litigation recommendations would be greatly appreciated

  13. My 3 year old daughter, drop something picked it up and cut her forehead approx, 1/2 inch above her left eye, on an end cap shelf. Walmart employees and managers were very helpful, accidents happen, my claim was denied, duh, it wasnt but for her glue bill to seal the wound for $631.. I looking to find out how i can sue, to have ALL RETAILER with end cap shelfs to be required to have some rubber piece to protect this from happening, to anyone elses child. My daughter will have a slight scar for the rest off her life, and ill be $631 poorer, but she could have lost and eye, advise please. Anyone. I fear for all toddlers safety in all retail stores with end caps. Please help

  14. My little girl fell in walmart and cut her face on the sevles now she has a big scare on her face it happened few months ago but the scare has not went away can I sue walmart .?? Please help me out!!

  15. My girlfriend went into a wal-mart on 3-31-12 as she went in she didnt realize her dog ahd jumped out of the car to follow her in the store. When she got back to the car the dog was gone. She went inside and asked if anyone knew anything and was told that they had called the pound to come get the dog. She went to the pound which was closed and called the local authorities and asked if they had responded top a call about a dog at wal-mart, to which they replied they had not had a call and their dog guy had left over an hour ago. She then called the wal-mart back and was put on hold for quite awhile and finally a manager came on the line and told her that they had infact released the dog to a woman who said she would take the dog to the pound herself. They did not get the womans name and or number nor did they take my girlfriends name or number incase the woman came back with the dog. These two factors seem like complete negligence to me. They also never called over the intercom to see if someone would come and get the dog and the fact they lied to her about the events that took place all seem like a good case to me. The dog is basically like a child to her and a sister to her young son. They completely gave the dog to someone who they knew did not own the dog without getting the number of the person!! They knew that someone would come looking for the dog!!.. Do you think she has a case?

    Thank you
    Tim B.

  16. Super Walmart in Missoula, MT changed the oil in my son’s car, didn’t put the oil cap back on tight enough…pressure built, the oil spewed out. Long story short, by the time the engine started making noticeable noise, the engine was ruined. The car is a 2010 Honda Civic with less than 18,000 miles on it and Walmart says we can’t prove that they are at fault!!!! I am so mad I can’t see straight!

    • Actually you can. There is video of the TLE departments for this very reason. Unfortunately it may not go back for more than 30 days. There was an identical incident at the local Walmart and the video showed the teck not putting oil in the car. Cost them a new engine…….

  17. My mother’s hand was broken from the manual door at Wal-Mart. The wind along with the automatic doors caused a suction and slammed on her hand. Wal-Mart immediatly put the door out of order and locked it. This is a situation that would not have happened if Wal-Mart would have taken the proper preventative messures. Is this something we should get an attorney for or should we not sue and let Wal-Mart’s insurance talk to us? They have contacted us already but we did not discuss a settlement with them.

  18. So long story short, I went to have my battery replaced that was under warranty. The mechanics if thats what you call them, put a smaller battery in, and had to prevent it from sliding around the battery tray. There first mistake was putting in a different type of battery. They put cardboard in front of the battery touching the terminals, and strapped it down with a bungie cord without telling me. Long story short my cars battery caught fire while i was driving home, probley was the cardboard that started the fire. I have several recordings of the mechanic admitting he put the cardboard in there. Do I have a case and is it worth sueing?? When the car caught fire my kids where in the car, both being under 4. The actual walmart store offered me 350 cash, but said that was the highest they could do at store level. So I filed a claim on there insurance, and they are currently trying to settle with me but are lowballing and taking there sweet time. But as it stands ive been offered 1000. There is more then 1000 in damages and losses. Not to mention now im without a car because of a dumb mistake walmarts mechanic made. They have already admitted guilt by making cash offers, any advice or tips if it was you?

  19. i went 2 walmart on june 21st 2012. my mom askd me 2 go with her 2 get a few thngs from walmart. we got there she went ahead in i stayed n the car charging my cell phone for about 5 mins. then i went on in when i got in the store i walked 2 tha makeup bags n started looking 2 see which 1 i was going 2 buy i lokked t the bags no longer than 10 mins i chose 3 bags i then walked 3 isles over 2 scan them 2 check the prices on all 3 of them. 1 didnt have a barcode so i walke dbk 2 the isl they where on and a walmart employee wason the isle stocking the shelfs (she was there stocking the shelfs on tha isle when i got n the store) so she was on the isle the whole entire time i was. anyway when i returned from scanning the bags she asked me how my day was going.. i said pretty gud. how r u? then i told her there wasnt a barcode on 1 bag n asked did she kno how much it was. by that time i spotted the same kind of bag on the shelf with a price tag. n i said 2 her o i foung 1. i set 2 of the bags back and got the bag with tha barcode i turn 2 walk off that basle 2 go find my mother and tha manager was at the end of the isle n said i need 2 tlk 2 u a min. i wlk up 2 him he then saidim gonna get u 2 go ahead n leave the store bcuz u r making sum people umcomfortable… i said ooook…. then he said uve been in here 2 times 2day.. i said yes sir i have. he then stated u were with a lady that got sent 2 jail 4 cumin in her while on no tresspassing. i said yes sir it was my sister a few months ago but i didnt get n trouble she did. then he told me 2 leave i aske him 2 please let my mother know. ive never been n trouble, ive never stole anythng in my whole entire life and im really upset about this situation. is there anythng i can do?

  20. My dad is disabled and sort of elderly, So he goes to our local Walmart, which is open 24/7 at around 1030 at night when it is not so crowded and he can get around better on his scooter chair he has, well many if not all the time when he goes, if he goes during the day, he cant get around because most of the aisles have things blocking them, and if he goes at night all the aisles have pallets and boxes and all sorts of other things blocking them so he cannot get through. The other night he went over there at 1030 like he always does, and he doesnt drive so he takes his scooter to the store, because he lives real close, so anyway, he gets to the store and they have absolutely no shopping carts available for him at all, when he asked for one the employee told him he would have to go get one from the parking lot himself, so he did, when he got into the store, he couldnt get down any of the aisles because they were all loaded with boxes and pallets, when he finally did get down an aisle with only one pallet at the other end, he was on the aisle gathering his groceries and an employee cam and blocked the other end with another pallet full of stuff, my dad was stuck in the aisle for about 20 minutes until someone came by and got an employee to move the stuff in his way so he could get through, this is an all the time every night thing at our local walmart, WHAT SHOULD HE DO?

    one other thing is, that when I take my dad to our local walmart, he cant bring his scooter chair in my car, so they are supposed to have one there or at least a wheelcahir and they never have any of them working. They are the most handicapped unfriendly place in the world I think, aren’t there rights for the disabled people or is that just hogwash?

  21. My husband and our 3 children went to Walmart on a Saturday night, my 2 oldest walked and we placed our 11mth old baby with his car seat on the top of the shopping cart were the handle is, we always do this since we didn’t see any warning sign on the cart. As we were heading down the parking lot we noticed a small pot hole and went around it but since it was dark we failed to see the next one and the cart got stuck on this really big pot hole, which caused my baby’s car seat to topple backwards causing him to land face down luckly in the big portion of the cart. We immediately picked up the car seat and turned it around to check on the baby, of course he was crying franticly, my husband then unbuckled him and checked him, he found a big bump on his head. We then went into Walmart and asked for the Manage, we explained what happened to the manager and the first thing that came out of her mouth was “that is not our problem you need to go and complain to the city about the pot holes”. I then got more upset and asked her to get her supervisor, when he came I explained the situation and he looked at up with a blank stare and said “well what do you need”. My husband and I looked at eachother and said “are you serious, can you call an ambulance for my baby?” The Manager then said if we wanted to call the ambulance we would have to go outside to the parking lot and call them ourselves. At this point we were shock by the way the Walmart employees treated us, never once did they ask if our baby was ok. We then asked the Supervisor if he could give us some ice for our baby’s head”. The Supervisor then told the Manager to get a bag of ice. I then asked him were I could complain about the pot holes, he then said I would have to fill out an incident report and we did, he said we would be contacted by CMI which is Walmart’s insurance in 72hrs at the most. We then immediately went to the hospital to have our baby checked, luckly he was fine, the doctor at the E.R said it was a hematoma due to a head injury. This happened on Saturday August 25, 2012, it is now Thursday Aug. 30,2012 and we have not had one call form CMI. At this point we don’t know what to do. We need help.

  22. My fiancée and I recently bought a Hershey’s chocolate cake from the Walmart bakery. On the last slice, she found a long hair embedded in the cake. Is this something I should pursue? I’m seriously grossed out!!

  23. Hi,
    My husband wanted to purchase a car tire from walmart. The tire happened to be on the top shelf about 12ft in height.
    The girl rolled over the ladders to get the tire down. She looked very upset that he was putting her out. Anyway, she climbed the ladder and threw the tire off the top of the ladder. It landed on my head believe it or not. Did not knock me out but certainly caused me a lot of pain. She ran down the ladder apologizing etc…
    he went to the customer service desk to report the incendent as he was in pain.
    he have on the same day went to the ER and received exrays which prove nothing broken. he has the effects of whiplash and is in considerable pain. The manager at the branch informed him it was not their practice to drop tires from the top of the ladder.
    Is there anything we can do other than claim for my medical expenses?
    Surely this is negligence on their part.


  24. Hello,

    I was at walmart in puerto rico last night with my girl friend. We were looking at some home interior items when i box fell from a shelf strait on her foot. She fell to the ground and took her shoe off and has a bad red mark. We waited for an employee for about 5 min and nobody showed up. Then i had to hold the rest of the boxes on the shelves because the were all going to fall. I finally got ahold of somebody and they noticed that all the boxes were falling and removed them to the floor. He then suggested i spoke to a assistant manager to file a report. So i did that and they said they would call and ambulance. He also said he needed to check the security cameras to verify my story. He returned shortly with a sheet of paper for my girl friend to fill out. Name address what happen etc. my question is do i have a case at all here. Her foot is badly bruised and i had to take her to the car in a wheelchair. Manager also stated we would be contacted tomorrow for a follow up of what happen. Somebody give me some advice please. I feel it was pure negligence on walmarts part. Even there own employee said he mentioned to his boss they had to do something About that area because it was dangerous. DO I HAVE A CASE???

  25. yesterday in Clearwater florida, 2 guys that work at Walmart harrassed me because Iam white female and bragged about now Romney would have taken their
    paychecks but now that Obama is in office, they can keep all their money

  26. I went to Walmart on October 28 for some items. I parked my car in row 6 and found damage to the door upon my return to it. I called the Police to file a hit and run report. Police reviewed to video surveillance and found it was a shopping cart that caused the damage. The cart was in a cart corral on row 9. It rolled out of the corral, gained speed and struck my car. I was told I could file a claim with Walmart. I tried and was told to come back and see the loss prevention officer. I left my number and didn’t receive a call back as promised. I called and finnally reached him, but he pawned me off to another manager. Who pawned me to another. Who pawned me to another. I finnally got one that took my complaint/claim.

    I was told the insurance company would call me the next week. I never received a phone call. I had to call Walmart back and was again passed from one manager to the next. I finnally sent an e mail to corporate. I received a call from a manager at my Walmart the next day. She said she would be my point if contact. She said the insurance company would call me the next day.

    The insurance lady called and was rude. She said the claim would not be paid dur to someone left the cart in the parking lot. I told her that was not what I was told. I asked if she looked at the video. She said she didn’t have the video. I asked her how she could make a determination with out looking at it.
    She said they would call me back.

    The insurance company called back a few days later. This lady said it was not covered due to the cart was left by a customer near the cart corral. I spoke to her supervisor who was very quick to tell me I could sue. I asked them why did the police officer and the manager at Walmart tell me something different. I asked where I could get a copy of the tape. He said your lawyer can.

    All I wanted was my car door to be fixed. Walmart and the insurance company are nothing but run around. It’s nothing but a big game they play.

  27. My sister slipped and broke her leg at the entrance way to our local wal mart due to ice and snow should she sue? Need to no ASAP. Thanks

  28. I have worked for WM for just short of 1.5 years. I have worked overnights since Feb of this year. We have had ” rough ” managers, but the latest one, who came to nights about a month and a half ago, has been everyones worst nightmare so to speak.

    She has been harassing me to no end about ” my times ” amonst other issues. She recently called me into the office to reprimand me for my times, saying I have 2 weeks to figure out how to keep up to the times posted per isle.
    Keep in mind, I work normally the baking isle, and this time of year, its torture trying to keep the shelves stocked. As well, she has stated that those times allow for 32 cases to be worked, per hour.
    after being lectured in the office, I kept track of my boxes one night, and as of 5 am, I had done over 250 boxes between the cereal isle, and baking, before help arrived to help finish the stuff up. As well, between both isles, I was scheduled for 5 hours of work total ( uumm, math doesnt work out, but she dont care ) and that included picks. Keep in mind, when I got help, I still have one full pallet, above my head, and 3 carts loaded full of stuff.

    Anyways, in that office lecture, when the ” witness ” left for a few minutes, she told me Im damn lucky I still have my job, because, a few weeks ago, I got a coaching for yelling at a co-worker for stealing my pallet jack, and when asked what she did with it, she lied and said she didnt take it ( keep in mind, 10 minutes before end of shift, and I had 5 pallets to pull back between mine, and what someone ” forgot ” to pull back before leaving. 2 days after the coaching, said co-worker threatened violence, which I did in fact report to management, and nothing was done about it.

    but the reporting of her threats, was considered retaliation, therefore, nothing was said or done about it. REALLY, right in the hand book, it states, threats of violence, are immediate termination. HHMM.

    Anyways I know this is getting long, but I am so in need of a venting so to speak. So last night, once again, said manager is on me ever 5 minutes for not being done. I had cereal isle, and hardware, toys, and stationary ( anyone that knows those departments knows what Im speaking of ) but anyways, I go to hardware after cereal isle, manager comes over screaming about how Im not spose to be in hardware, she wants me over in toys to get that done first.
    Im scheduled for 1 hour in toys. Yet I have 3 FULL pallets stacked 2 feet above my head, and about 95% of the boxes are smaller, making it roughly 60 or more boxes per pallet, to be done in one hour. Of course said manager is on me constantly wanting to know why Im not done with toys yet.

    This woman brings me to tears every single night I am forced to work with her and no matter what I say, its not good enough. Last night, I had 2 co workers that were too lazy to look for items in their own isles and were constantly begging me to come over and show where said items go. when I ask if they bothered to look, the answer is ” no, I figured you would know where it went ” but thats no excuse, I have to deal with that every single night, amongst other issues, like being promised no more than 25 lbs lifting, however, baking isle, you are constantly lifting 40 plus lbs all night, and with my back issues, tends to slow me down.

    I was told to go to a DR for an excuse, however, anyone that has WM health insurance knows that they dont pay didly, and with hubbys dr bills alone, we cant even pay our bills as it is. Therefore, I suffer with back issues, and with diabetes, I cant afford to go to my dr for that, because they require blood tests every 3 months which runs into hundreds of dollars that guess what, WM insurance doesnt pay. hubbys last blood tests cost us over $600 that wm doesnt cover.

    Anywhooooo sorry it was so long, but I just do not know where else to turn to. This woman has caused me so much stress, I cant sleep when I know I have to work with her on certain nights. Some nights I just feel like going postal if you know what I mean, but I know better, so I just cry all night wishing for the night to end.

  29. I have been assigned to a FOB in Afghanistan for the last two years. After my second contract completion I decided to come home for a break because I am also dealing with a federal case were my children have been abducted to another country.

    I arrived here about two months ago and last week my car was due an oil change. I took the vehicle to Walmart because the dealership that I normally take it to was fully booked but I needed my car the same day for an appointment. I got up early, stopped by Wally world, they did an oil change, I drove off and my car temperature went up so high, not only did it trigger the cylinder safety mechanism, but it also triggered the fail safe-completely shuts the car off. I pulled over and the fan was spinning like crazy. I knew nothing was wrong with my car because I get it fixed by the dealership and them only.
    The only knew thing in the equation was Wally’s world. I actually keep all documents and maintenance to my vehicle in a blue binder in my glove box-from tire replacements to component replacement…all there. Not to mention my job title is helicopter mechanic…III…I have been doing this since 1997 (w/an mechanical engineering degree).

    I open the manual and look up “overheating,” and went down the troubleshooting steps. I checked all the lights and everything. Nothing was wrong with my car, its thermostat or etc.. I checked the temperature of my antifreeze and everything…nothing. It was circulating fine and everything. So the next step, said in the manual “UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES PUT 10W-30 OR 10W-40 IN THIS VEHICLE”- I say the font size was about a million emphasizing the urgency of this situation. Beside the lovely warning was a drawing of a temp gauge with an arrow drawn in from 0 degrees to satan-level-temperature.

    I call them up, speak with two store managers, they tell me to bring the vehicle, ahem-ACCROSS town through a ton of stop lights, and they will take care of the car.

    On the way, satan showed up in my passenger seat and high fived me after my car was about a million degrees by the first freaken light. I had to be escorted by police and a freaken fire truck waiting to pump a small lake into my engine, and they actually let me blow through EVERY single light to get it to them.

    Needless to say the car was really hot when we got there. We had to let it cool, and they had to physically PUSH it into the bay. They changed the oil, refunded me and told me to call back if it continued.

    I drive about 30 seconds and had to tow it. I took it to the closest mechanics emergency entry and they checked everything. They told me that EVERYTHING works, (like I said), and that due to the car going over the suns temperature I had a CRACKED block and my antifreeze was gettin busy with the rest of my car’s body fluids-freak!
    I call them back, they say I will call you tomorrow. ……..ummm. Great. I am in a town I do not live in, and I knew no one from anywhere within about a 3 hour’s drive. good times. I call my boyfriend and he hopped in his car and headed to Texas to get me. One of the workers from the shop took me to a nearby IHOP while I waited for him to arrive.

    It is after 12 noon, and still they are giving me the run around, and no one has even dealt with the blew up car I left in the neighboring state and not even a hey, my bad either.

    So I don’t get to go home for christmas, but I do get to waste my vacation in a hotel, in a place I do not live, with a steady rising bill.

    What a welcome back to America party this has been, oh an please sign me up to do this again next year. (and I am completely kidding.)

    The best part is, because of, oh-having two missing children, and having a job playing dodgeball with gunplay, I have yet to blow off the hinge.

    Any suggestions?

  30. My 6 year old daughter picked up a display model iPhone 5 and simply pressed the button to get to the homepage. What she found was a photo of an adult male exhibiting full frontal nudity set as the background wallpaper. After speaking with a manager about the incident we didn’t just get absolutely NO apology, but the manager actually threatened to call the police on me for telling him there was no need to speak to my fiancée in such a rude and arrogant manner. What can I do?

  31. I’ve worked at walmart almost 5 years. I have always gone above and beyond my expectations, forced managers to teach me things even to their annoyance, 90% of my managers have done nothing but praise me and come to reply on me to help teach new associates etc. I have been passed over for Support Manager 4 times, and each time a female has gotten the role. And not only that but the people who were given the position all have not lived up to it and quit or been fired.

    I work thirds and almost all of our associates are given times in what they call the “Task Manager” and if it says your department has 4 hours of freight, then you HAVE to be done in 4 hours or they get pissed ta you, even as far as coaching towards termination. I have had many managers openly admit that they do not include your break times, customer services, zoning your area (which some areas can take over an hour to zone), when the unloaders are behind (and they almost always are and we have to take our own stuff to the floor), or when people call off. The store manager says she wants accountability. How about the fact we’re understaffed? How about that they pile atleast 30+ hours on top of our already strained shift and then tell us if we dont get it ALL done, our times AND the extras done IN the original times , then you’re not working hard enough.

    This is my typical night:
    Meeting (10-15 min)
    Pharmacy OTC (4 hours)
    Pharmacy Picks (45 min)
    Cosmetics (3 hours)
    Cosmetics picks (15 min)
    Two paid 15 minute breaks (30)
    Unpaid Lunch hour (1 hour)
    Zoning BOTH areas (can take up to 1.5 hours)
    Then I am also asked to help others, make bales, help customers, go out for carts, do miscellaneous odd tasks, help in the backrooms, etc.

    It is nearly IMPOSSIBLE to do your job AND the extra stuff EVERY night without fail. We had a night where 5 people called off, 1 had been fired the night before, and 1 switched days off without telling anyone. So we were down 7 people and the store manager said “The hours were there, all of the work should have been done.”

    Tell me is this not entrapment? Giving us timed tasks, then adding hours upon hours of tasks and expecting them to all get done INSIDE the same time limits as the regular stuff?

    Not only that, but the tasks are averaged between markets etc. So if the average keeps getting lower, the people above that threshold are always going to be considered inferior associates. The number will keep going down every time associates get faster to the point NOBODY is going to be able to do it. But it’s US that’s accountable?

    I used to care about this company, but I finally see nothing will save it.

  32. I recently had to get done at Wal-mart because of kidney surgery. I had just started working there about 3 weeks prior to surgery..Anyways I was having pain in my side more’so then usual. I had surgery scheduled for Dec to fix my kidney already, I went on my day off to get my CT-SCAN and Renal scan to determine where past scar tissue was, how my kidney was functioning etc before my upcoming surgery. (that was all done on a Monday morning) well the next day at work I received a call from the nurse at my urologist office telling me that I HAD to be in the hospital for emergency surgery that Thursday, there wasn’t much explanation so I didn’t know exactly what the big deal was. I tried to get it scheduled for the following Monday when I had the day off again, but the nurse told me that it was urgent that I get the surgery done asap and that if they could get me in sooner they would but that was when the DR was back from Boston as he works for two different locations.
    As soon as I got off the phone with my Dr’s office I told my scheduling manager that I needed that Thursday off, told her the situation etc. She explained to me that I would have to find some one to cover if I couldn’t I’d have to call in. She also explained to me that in order for the day to be excused I’d have to bring in the paperwork from my Dr’s office showing what I had done. Well I couldn’t find anyone so I had to call out…turns out the pain I was having was due to my kidney starting to shut down again due to another they went in and put another stint in to keep it working until my surgery in Dec. (This was all on the paperwork that I brought in)
    The following day after my surgery I went in and showed them the required paperwork..the paperwork showed that at home I could return to minimal activities LIGHT housekeeping etc…work wise it stated that I was supposed to be on light duty shifts for two weeks, with minimal activity.
    That same day I was scheduled to work, I didn’t call in yet where it wasn’t my time to go in, I figured I’d go in with the paperwork and tell them I needed that day off, anyways the woman saw the paperwork and told me that it was to late to call in, no one to cover that I’d have to do my shift. I asked about a stool to sit or or how it would work being limited…and she acted like she hadn’t seen that part of the paperwork and told me to do the best I could.

    So I worked that full day and ended up leaving early because I was in so much pain. The next day I had to call out. When I went back to work Sunday I was feeling okay but still in pain. The one CSM stuck me on the register with no conveyor belt so I was stuck reaching across the poticion to keep getting the customers groceries ( and yes I did ask people multiple times to move their food up ) when I asked to be moved she told me that I was tasked there and that I had to remain there, that they didn’t do special treatment.( which was BS, they give special treatment all the time) anyways…I worked everyday that two weeks with NO extra breaks, no limited activity my activity level was the same as it was before, lifting things was hard so anytime anyone came through the line with a heavy item I’d ask the customer to lift it or I’d walk around to scan it. My CSM informed me that I HAD to do that, that I could not ask the customer to lift their items etc. Anyways after that 2 weeks of working 8-9 hr shifts the last day I was there I was in extreme pain, I was pail, kept running to the rest room to throw up etc..even customers commented on how poorly I looked. I asked that same CSM if I could take break and she stated it wasn’t my break time yet to go back to “suck it up buttercup, and go back to work, you have a customer”
    At that time she was walking about giving others break etc…it was an hr of her giving breaks figured I was next, I never got my break…It was passed my lunch time when I finally got my break by then I felt soo sick. I went and clocked out, went outside, called a friend to come get me I went home, and walked inside passed out…my friend took me to the ER and come to find out the stint my Dr had placed had moved causing me extreme pain and to bleed out. I had to get the stint removed and another put in. Well Obviously I didn’t let them know I wouldn’t be back because I was in surgery, I called the following day to explain ad to let them know I’d be out a few days. they told me that where I was a new employee that I would be over my 3 unexcused absents …(they never excused my first surgery ) and they informed me that I was no longer needed.

    I feel as though I got fired for being sick…and that my surgeries should of been excused.

    • Sounds similar to my case which I just posted under yours. Walmart doesn’t care. They worked us like ants for very little pay and then promptly find a way to get rid of you if you’re having problems. Sad but true

  33. I will never shop Walmart again!!!!! I was assaulted and pushed by a disgruntled employee. I was crying and requested the police to be called. The police officer said I can make a citizens arrest but it will be a long a drawn out process. I chose not to counting on Walmart to do the right thing. I later followed up with the manager and the area manager. Both said there were no cameras so it is my word against his. They sided with their employee. I will never shop there or at any walmart again. They do not care about their customers!!!!!

  34. I was verbally threatened and followed. Upon entering Wal-Mart an employee asked if I had ever herd of murphy’s law. He then asked why I was looking at the flashlights and I explained I was comparing prices as I was planning on starting a costal flashlight specialty sales company. He then became upset when I picked up a basket and placed 5 flashlights in it and asked if I was planning on buying all of them. I said they were for gifts and I would leave 3 for others to buy. I proceeded to the home/hardware section to look at things when he called several employees over telling them he was going to show them how to deal with people like me. this group then proceeded to follow me around the store as this man continued to make personal insults and accusations against me. Later while I was in the electronics section he became upset that I was not stealing and stated if he was not going to be able to have me arrested since I was not doing anything wrong they should all just get together and do an “intervention” and kick my ass. they then went on describing how upset they were they could not take me to their special room to attack me while waiting for the police and how they were all going to just surround me to assault me. Someone then came to talk to them and they decided I must be mentally ill and not a thief after all at which point they then started calling me mentally ill, bi-polar and went on a long rampage about mentally ill people and how society should deal with these horrible people. I can not possibly describe the feeling a person gets when a group of paid Wal-Mart employees gang up follow you talking about how they want to put you in a room beat you up and wait for the police to take you away. I have never in my life been through an experience like this and am not scarred to even go into Wal-Mart thinking I will have to fight 5+ people. Even walking around now in this place makes me nervous the a car full of them may stop and jump me while walking. this happened less the 24 hours ago and their are more than enough witnesses as well as security video of the incident. My name is david james Thomas phone number 541 992-2448 after leaving I was so upset I went to the beach and my phone got broken so you will have to leave a message I can call you back at. my address is 9817 NE Avery St, newport, OR, 97365

  35. I am a retired disabled Marine. I was hired by Walmart under their program to hire veterans. I was working as a cashier. About a week and a half ago I also developed a hernia. I still showed up for work everyday but when they asked me to push shopping carts, which I have done with no problem before the hernia, I politely refused even though there were dozens of other people to do that. The CSM called a meeting for me and the assistant manager. I had contacted the same assistant manager approximately 3 hours before this telling him about my hernia. During the meeting he kept telling me that when I clock in that I’m basically saying I’m 100% and able to do anything they ask me and if I wasn’t then I should get a doctor’s excuse. He didn’t have a problem 3 hours earlier when I told him about my medical condition. Only when the CSM complained about me not pushing shopping carts. I ended up leaving since I wasn’t 100%. He says I cussed him out when I left the meeting but I didn’t. I was off the next day and got the doctor’s excuse verifying my hernia but when I presented it to the same assistant manager, he said I had been fired for disrespecting him and acting unprofessional. It’s odd that they hire a veteran and then fire him for being disabled. Do I have any ground to stand on here?
    Thank you for your response.

  36. Well, here goes noth’n? don’t look like this site is read real frequent the post and replies are old…I purchased a WM gift card from an online ad, met the gent at WM customer service counter, my arrangement was I would NOT buy if WM could not validate the balance, and if WM would NOT transfer the balance to a new WM card that was uniquely just mine. Well, WM did in fact validate the balance off an existing WM gift card, WM then transferred the balance to a new WM gift card for me; I paid the gent in cash at the customer service counter on security camera; Yes, you guessed it? the gent is a crook, he had purchased the WM gift card he had in hand, with a stolen VISA. WM was able to weeks after the fact see that the WM cards were illegally purchased, so what did they do, they ZERO balanced my WM card. WM has turned over the cash funds to law enforcement, and I am told the cash will be turned over to the VISA company.
    How in the H#!! can WM after they validated the BALANCE, after they created a new WM card for me…How in the H#!! can WM zero balance my card…it is there fault they were scammed…instead they shift the scam to me…I’m pissed…CAN and HOW CAN I SUE THEM!!!! anyone?


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