People Sue Walmart All The Time

Wondering about how to sue Walmart? Afraid you don’t have a chance? Well think again… people sue the giant retailer all the time.

Here’s one example among many: Just this past week (on March 14th), Rosalynn Little filed suit against Walmart in the aftermath of slip-and-fall injuries she sustained in the Walmart store in Memorial, Texas.

The actual accident took place on June 22, 2009. On that day, according to Little, she was in the store shopping when she sustained a slip-and-fall injury. She further alleges that a “clear and slippery substance” had apparently been spilled in an aisle, causing the fall.

Attorney Stephen Boutros of Houston will represent Ms. Little in her lawsuit against Walmart.

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  1. pleasanton tx store #757 i was an overnight stocker and mars elba art support Ben one day i was going home at 7 am i went to subway and Ben following me and just was staring at me harassing me

  2. Back this july 16 my mother 70 yrs old fell at a walmart store in michigan all she wanted was them to pay medical bills and they refuse now cause it slip and fall and she lives in Florida no lawyer or insurance will cover walmart claims that me her 43 yr old son and her 41 yr old step caused this fall and we not her at time she fell the doctors think she cracked her chee bone and other demage but no one will pay for the test needed and she feels that she doesnt matter do to her age and all how can we get walmart to pay the medical bills and do test needed ?

  3. Walmart damaged my vehicle in May 2013 at the Katy Mills store. The vehicle was made inoperative, to the sum of possibly $6,000, that I did’t have to repair the vehicle. Walmart was not assuming any liability in the case, even though a surveilence video of the perpetration of the damage is a decisive piece of evidence. CMI rejected the claim without even viewing the video. I have extensive files representing my case. Walmart refused to inspect the vehicle even though this opportunity was offered to them. They wouldn’t even offer a rental vehicle. I was forced to sell the inoperative vehicle at a loss, and buy a new vehicle in which even after negotiating a good deal was over $4,000 upside down in the transaction. CMI is claiming I bought the vehicle before being at the Walmart location, and just want them to pay for my newly acquired vehicle. They did this by shuffling dates on the time line of the incident.

    I am open to hear from Texas Bar Attorneys interested in the case, I want to litigate the matter. I have a full file from the Arkansas State Insurance Commission, which demonstrates conflicting statements to this agency, as compared to statements made to me.


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