People Bitten By Police Dogs Sometimes Sue – and Win

Usually when people think of suing for a dog bite, an altercation with a neighbor’s pooch comes to mind. But sometimes, police dogs give people nasty bites; and when it happens, the injured party can sue.

This holds true even if the person bitten was himself a police officer, as was recently the case in an Edgerton, Wisconsin dog bite incident. According to GazetteXtra, police dog “Ash” was being trained by Edgerton Police Chief Tom Klubertanz when the dog unexpectedly bit a Wisconsin Dells policeman who was training his own dog at the same facility.

Ash was subsequently sold to a private dog training facility in New Mexico (the dog flunked training there and is going to be given away). But the story didn’t end there. The officer bitten ultimately settled with the Edgerton City Council for $39,000. This may have been the reason that Edgerton has suspended the city’s K-9 patrols until further notice.

A similar dog bite situation has arisen in Irvington, N.J. There, four individuals who claimed to have been bitten by police dog “Bullet” sued the township and ultimately won a $115,000 settlement. Irvington, too, has cancelled its K-9 program.

Will dog bite lawsuits soon make the K-9 unit a thing of the past? Only time will tell.

3 thoughts on “People Bitten By Police Dogs Sometimes Sue – and Win”

  1. I feel that most officer that handle K-9 dog get upset to quick in let the dog go. I think the dogs need to be in better hands. some officer get mad because of the crime the person had committed in let the dog on them any way. they keep this up then and only then will k-9 dogs will not be used

    • I was recently bitten by an off duty k9 and suffered punctures and lacerations to my
      Right forearm the officer was letting the dog out to go to the bathroom and told me it was safe to pet him I approache the dog slowly and put my arm down for him to smell me and he went on full attack. The problem was the dog did not release on command and shook his head side to side the officer had to shock and beat the dog to release my arm. I now have an infection and am on my second round of antibiotics any one have any advice. I do not want the officer to get into trouble or lose his job but my arm is kind of nasty and will has some serious scars

  2. Seriously, how do citizens get treated when they are bitten by police dogs? Its ridiculous, even as a perpetrator, aren’t they supposed to get treated for their wounds and shock from being attacked by a large dog? Apparently if a dog gets harmed by a person, they are tried as assaulting an officer, that is nuts!


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