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  1. I’m just wondering if i can sue a former friend that accused me of credit card frude and the police came and got me I set in jail for 23 days without my son or family around just for my case to be dropped with no proof that I did anything?

  2. I want to sue for defamation of character, i was employed at jackson hewitt tax services , located at 1000 springfield avenue in irvington, new jersey 07111. i worked there yearly on a seasonal basis since 2004 during the months of january till april annually. i have never had a problem with the former district managers only the one that they hired who use to work in new york office. i was employed from the month of january 10, 2011 until february 17, 2011. i was suppose to still be employed but, was fired from the job because i was falsely accuses of doing something that i had no knowledge of doing by the hired district manager in new jersey. Her name is Victoria Santana. since the beginning of training class which began in the month of november of 2011. Victoria Santana made working with her and attending class training which she was the training class teacher very uncomfortable. she trained the class and when we needed assistance with the practice scenarios in the training class . Victoria did not want to do her required job to help me when i needed assistance. i asked her for the help several times but, she sat there as if she did not hear me. , like i never asked her for assistance, she just constantly nixed me off. so i stop asking her for assistance because i realized that i was wasting my time. But, i noticed on several occassions when another student whom were her own race she had also asked Victoria Santana for assistance , then she immediately rushed to help her with the scenarios…i was shocked to see that, she did not want to help me but, instead she jumped up so fast to help another female whom was her own race; her name is Kathryn Gonzalez. Kathryn Gonzalez was a new hired employee for the officer manager position. Victoria Santana and Kathryn Gonzalez became close friends . They often ate out together and went shopping together . I was in training from November until the month of January 09 2012. On January 10, I officially began work preparing accurate federal and state income tax returns on a daily bases. All employees of Jackson Hewitt Tax Services are required to complete and sign a contract. I noticed as soon as the contract was signed that is when victoria started treating me in a unfairly manner. it started with verbal abuse, negative behaviour towards me on a daily basis..embarrassing me in front of customers when i was preparing their tax return when i asked a question about the customer return. I noticed that she only treated me this way. When ever the other employees asked her a question she answered their question with no problem and assisted with no negative attitude. But, whenever I asked Victoria a question she attacked me verbally while the customers listened. I was so embarrassed, she tells me that you are a tax preparer and you are suppose to know this but, she does not say that to the other employers and employees. I had to deal with her negative attitude towards me and verbal abuses daily. Sometimes i felt like i did not want to go to work because of how she treated me. But, I needed the money so, I went each time I was scheduled to go to work. One day I came into work and Victoria Santana said to me …..Darlene you have been doing good work and she also said that you are really good with the customers. I responded by saying, thats good to know and I was shocked to hear that coming from out of her mouth because of how she acted towards me each day. I like to conversate with the customers while preparing their tax returns. We laugh and we joke, I try to make the customers smile while preparing there return. and they love it…That is what i was trained to do by the former District Managers and Office Managers and by reading the Tax Preparer training materials and working with the training modules. When ever I was unsure of something I always tried to ask Victoria questions about the customers Tax return but, she tells me to ask the office manager, but when you ask the new hired office manager, Kathryn Gonzalez she never knows the answer, she always have to get assistance from the District Manager, Victoria Santana because, she did not have sufficient training. Therefore, instead of seeking help from the office manager and the district manager, I asked the former Office Manager for assistance to help me with a tax question in order to complete the customer tax return. His name was Terrell Hawkins, he was a former office manager for several years and he knew more than the district manager, the office manager and also the employees. Also, I can ask Terrell Hawkins a tax question and i did not have to deal with the verbal abuse and the negative attitude towards me that i often received from Victoria Santana, On February 13, 2012 I was preparing a customers tax return and I needed a document to complete the customer return which is always kept on the office managers desk for all the employees to use. so i went to get one sheet of the needed documents from the office managers desk and i did not see it as usual. The office manager kept her desk cluttered with a stack of papers so, i found the document needed under a stack of papers on her desk so, i tore off one sheet needed and placed the document in the same place where i found it. The officer manager kept the dirtiest desk in the office which was against the companies policy but, Victoria allowed her to keep the most dirtiest, cluttered desk in the office. I was almost finished with the customers return and then victoria approached me and told me that she would like to speak to me when i am done with the customer. I finished the customer return and while signing my signature on the return i asked victoria what does she needs to talk to me about and she immediately started falsely accusing me of doing something that i had no knowledge about. I was saying to myself, what is she talking about with a shocked expression on my face. She was referring to the document that was kept on the office managers desk. I told her over and over again several times that i only tore off one sheet needed from the document and i placed it back in the same place where i found it. The officer manager always kept a dirty, cluttered desk but, for some apparent reason i was unable to see the document needed on her desk. It was underneath a stack of papers….as if It was a set up or something, the document needed was never hidden under stacks of papers before; it was always out in the open on her desk for all the of the employees to use. A customer came in to the office when she was defamation me so, she told me to go to the back room so she could finish defamating me and i continued to deny it, and she just got real loud and yelled at me telling me to shut up. but, i kept denying it. and i went back to my seat and she then tried to scare me or something by threatening to call the head owner of jackson hewitt, another employer by the name of cassandra with a higher position and she also threatened to call the customer whom return i just completed so, boldly i told her to call all of them so that we could prove that i did nothing wrong, i told her that i wanted to talk to all of them myself , so, that i can tell them all that has been going on in the workplace. but, she never called them so, since i still had the customer office copies completing the taxpreparer signature, i began calling the customer to tell her to come back to the office to verify that i did not do what she was falsely accusing me of doing and she rushed over to me and snatched the folder from my desk.. and then all of a sudden she showed me the missing documents that she falsely accused me of putting in the customer package. i then asked her ; where did you get those papers from and her response was ….I DON’T KNOW, i was shocked, hurt, confused, angry because of what i just saw in her hands and what i went through trying to defend myself of being falsely accused and victoria santana had the missing documents in her possession the entire time. The office manager listen and saw everything and the former manager listened and saw every thing and i talked to him about it, i could not believe she did that to me and they were their when she tried to get him to side with her. i was so hurt i came to work and did not say anything to the office manager nor did i speak to the district manager…the only one i talked to daily was terrell hawkins , i talked to him about what she did to me and she had the papers the entire time. I know that he will not jeopardize his job to help me in court because he was getting paid a office managers salary but, he was not the office manager, My beliefs are, victoria wanted to get rid of me, but she did not have a reason to get rid of me because she stated to me in front of three other employees that i was a good worker and i am good with the customers so, victoria falsley accused me . and the following day my weekly schedule was reduced while the other employee weekly schedule was increased…..i kept having flashbacks of what happened and stressing so i called
    1 877 580-1040 to the corporate office of jackson hewitt and made a complant on victoria santana on feb 17, 2012 and on that same day at 5;35 pm victoria santana had the office manager give me a call to terminate from the job on the same day…


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